Places to Visit in Gangotri, Tourist Destinations near Gangotri

Sacred Sites near Gangotri

Get ready for a spiritual refinement with trip to the holy city of Gangotri! The city is enclosed within some of the most sacred places, tourist spots, treks etc. The picturesque beauty of Gangotri is simply awe-inspiring and makes devotees experience the magic.

Nandanvan Tapovan


The scenic beauty of Nandanvan is simply mesmerizing. Positioned along the difficult trek of Gangotri Glacier, this is the foundation camp for the Bhagirathi peaks peeping through the magnificent view of Shivling peak. Another trek leads to the Tapovan coming all across from Gangotri Glacier.



This is one of the most popular and sacred pilgrimage positioned at a height of 1150 meters above the sea level. It is situated on the banks of Bhagirathi River. The place is known for some renowned temples of India such as Vishwanath Temple, Gyaneshwar Temple, Ekadash Rudra Temple and Kuteti Devi Temple.

Kedar Tal


The magnificent lake located against the mighty Thalaiyasagar peak at an amazing altitude of 4425 meters is simple astonishing for the visitors. After a rough mountain trail, the Tal is accessible. It is also the base camp for trekking to all the adjoining peaks.

Dayara Bugyal


The stunningly gorgeous meadow is located at an amazing height of 3048 meters above the sea level. The road connection is Bhatwari which is 27 kms from Uttarkashi with Raithal Village. This will be followed by 6 kms of long trekking to Dayara. During the trekking, you will enjoy the magnificent Sheshnag Temple. You can also trek down to Dodital which is 30 kms from Dayara. If you want to enjoy Ski slopes, Dayara offers finest ones during winters.

Nachiketa Tal


The feel good trekking engulfed in the lush green forest offers a calm and serene atmosphere to the trekkers. The picturesque beauty is fabulous with a beautiful temple positioned in between.

Attraction Points of Gangotri

Gangotri is the Land of Goddess Ganga and come in the form of River to pardon the sins of emperor Bhagiratha’s predecessors. Some famous attractions in this area are:

Gaumukh Glacier


Among the holy glaciers of Uttarakhand is the Gangotri glacier. It has been given extreme importance in the history of both Hinduism and India. Being the source of river Ganga, it is an important place. Taken to be a sacred site, a tour to this glacier is taken to be a pilgrimage for all people irrespective of religion. It is also a delight for trek and an important destination for tourists to Uttarakhand.

Located at Uttarkashi in the Himalayan area of Garhwal, it is a cluster of Gangotri glaciers that feed the chief glacier to make up a massive slab of ice. These glaciers consist of Kirti Stambh, 6285 mt, Hrigupanth, 6772 mt, Sumeru parvat, 6380 mt, Chaturangi Bamak, Ratavana Bamak and Swachand Bamak respectively.

Gangotri Temple


The place from where the holy river Ganga emerges as a beautiful stream is taken to be her abode and has the Gangotri temple. This temple is open from May 1st week to the 3rd week of October. Because these areas witness heavy snowfall so after the temple closes the Goddess Ganga is taken to a place situated at a lower height than Gangotri during winters. Visitors may take holy Ganga water in small cans from this temple.

This temple is located near Bhagiratha Shila, a holy stone. After the Aarti to the temple deities an Aarti is immediately carried out for the sacred Ganga River.

Submerged Shivling

surya kund falls (Submerged-Shivling)

A natural rock Shivling is submerged in the Ganga River and possesses a wonderful sight which gives strength to celestial power. As per the local tale, this is the place where Lord Shiva sat down to receive the waters of holy Ganga among his matted hair. It can be seen in early winter when water level is low. The beautiful pilgrimage spot from where Ganga reaches the earth for first time is a sacred spot.


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