Kausani Travel Guide – Must See Places in Kausani

Surrounded by snowy peaks of Himalayas, Kausani will entice any nature lover.
A picturesque hill station in North India that presents 300 km wide view of the majestic Himalayas from any travel spot.

Himalaya Darshan From Kausani

History of Kausani

Valna is Kausani’s ancient name. According to the obscure historical records, its current location is the same as an ancient kingdom called Karthiyapur. There are some visible remains and ruins of this kingdom that once flourished centuries ago. More recent history records show that the father of India, Mahatma Ghandi stayed at the peaceful village in Kausani for 12 days when his book Anashakti Yoga was written. His visit is one the locals are proud of and a memorial is present for all to visit the same abode where Gandhi’s steps were trodden.

Tourism in Kausani

There is a fascinating temple for Lord Shiva at Pinakeshwar, located 9050 feets above the sea level, a popular tour spot. Anashakti Ashram, famously associated with  Mahatama Gandhi’s brief stay, offers a resting place for tourists after their travels. Pant Museum will impress literature lovers with its collection of books on display in the glass shelves. It is the birth place of the well-known Hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant, and a yearly poetry conference is organized in the museum.

Kausani Tea Garden

Lakshmi Ashram set up in 1964, serves Kumaoni women in empowering them with skills such  as growing vegetables, cooking, caring for the animals and cleaning so that they may lead more independent lives. Tea Gardens is famous for the Darjeeling tea and is another good tour attraction for its magnificent views. Located at 1200 to 1800 above sea level, it offers panoramic views of the unsurpassed beauty. It is also a favorite spot to witness the varying moods of the imposing Himalayan peaks of the Nanda Devi, Trishul, and the Nandakot, which is a humbling experience as one stands in awe in the strength of Mother Nature.

Treks in Kausani

For trekking enthusiasts, Kausani offers numerous choices in Uttarakhand. There are a number of interesting trek trails, such as  the Adi Kailash Trek, Bageshwar Sundardhunga Trek and the Base Kausani Trek. These travel experiences in North India are sure to leave your adrenalin pumping.


  • Area (square kilometers)-5.2 sq. km
  • Population– More than 5 000
  • Elevation– 1890 m (6075 ft) above sea level
  • Geographical Location (coordinates)- 29.84°N 79.60°E
  • Climate– Cool
  • Primary Rainy season– June to September.
  • Temperatures– Summer (25°C – 11°C), Winter (15°C – 2°C)
  • Languages– Hindi, English, Kumaoni

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