Uparkot Fort, Junagadh, Gujarat

Uparkot is an ancient fort situated at the center of the town of Junagadh in Gujarat State. The fort dates back to 319 BC. The fort was actually buried and undiscovered for more than three hundred years, and was later rediscovered in 976. The fort was known previously as the Revath Nagri.

Uparkot Fort Junagadh
Uparkot Fort Junagadh [source]
Uparkot Fort has an illustrious history. The fort has been under siege for more than sixteen times over its eight hundred years of being occupied. The fort also has a mosque that was commissioned by Mohammad Bagde.

There are a number of escape routes starting from the Mosque via secret passages from the fort that goes right out of the city to four different locations all more than thirty kilo meters away. The passages end at Majiwada village, Somnath village, Surendranagar District and Vadhwan Village.

The large entrance of the Uparkot Fort is impressive, and tourists enter the fort through this gate. There are walls of more than twenty meters high surrounding the Fort. On coming in the entry gates, you will see the Jama Masjid on your left. The mosque has more than a hundred and forty pillars holding up its ceiling.

As you go further, you will see a number of Buddhist caves carved into the hilly regions. The Kapra Kodia Caves is located to the north of the fort, and the Babupyana Caves located to the south of the fort.

A huge cannon of more than fifteen foot is located on the grounds. This is said to have been made in Egypt in 1531. The two large step vavs or wells that date back to the eleventh century are also worth noting. One of them is the Navghan Kua, which has circular steps built onto the well walls that descend upto fifty meters down the well. The Adi Chadi Vav is the other well and this has a hundred and seventy steps descend.

General Information

Located at – Junagadh, Gujarat
Constructed By – Chandragupta
Sights – Buddhist Caves, Step Wells, Cannons
Best Time to Visit – Oct to Mar
Transport – Local Transportation / Road / Rail

Nearby Attractions

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Durbar Hall Museum
Somnath Temple
Wellington Dam
Mahabat Maqbara
Junagadh Zoo Museum
Sasan Gir Forest
Ashokan Edicts
Girnar Hill

Lodging Options

A number of hotels at Junagadh, Gujarat offer value accommodation. There are a number of options ranging from the five star accommodation options to the local lodges.

How to Get there

Via Rail
The railway station closest to the Fort is the Junagadh Junction Station.

There are numerous buses available from all cities. Sometimes you may have to change buses.

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