Travellers’ Guide to Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state in India that is situated towards its west. It is a state that stands out quite distinctly from the other states in terms of its diverse cultures, traditions and festivals. Though every state in India is diverse and has its own unique and beautiful qualities and characteristic features, Rajasthan is one of the states that is called the land of the Rajputs, the brave, the mighty and the gallant. It is a city and place wherein many heroic adventures have taken place in the past and that which has also witnessed the fall and rise of one of the greatest empires of India in the ancient times.

Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan is also called the spirited, vivacious, colorful and magical state of India with full of splendor and brightness. It is home to multiple popular cities namely Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Mount Abu and Bikaner. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is also called the pink city of India. All these cities are even greater travel destinations and attractions that get lots of tourist attention from India and across the world. Other than the cities mentioned above, Mandawa, Ajmer and Pushkar are other interesting tourist destinations and exotic places to visit.

Tourists generally come from all around the world to see the beautiful and charming pink houses of Jaipur. These houses are very old and antique and offer rich splendor to the tourists. The national as well as foreign tourists should ensure that they visit Ajmer for its white marble formation in the Anasagar lake, Udaipur for its gorgeous, scenic and tranquil lakes, and imperial, royal, superior and gallant palaces and forts. On the other hand, Mount Abu should be visited for its beautiful and serene picnic spots and dilwada temples, and the other cities and places for the amazingly and complicatedly designed forts and pleasant Jain temples.

The scenery of Rajasthan, which keeps on changing from one place to another, adds further beauty and charm to it. Here, the tourists indulge in a host of sporty, party and fun activities. Riding camels and listening to the songs of the Rajasthani women nomads and watching them dance are some of the pleasantly strange and lovely activities that nobody can miss and forget. Riding camels on the blonde sands and deserts of Rajasthan is like a dream come true for everybody.

Enjoying the winds and sunny weather and glancing at the silky and heaped- up sand dunes of the Thar desert are other achievements and experiences that the tourists cherish forever. Also, the tourists can add to their joyful experiences by traveling in luxury trains, commonly referred to as the royalty palace on wheels. These are specially built trains that take care of them as well as take them around most of the beautiful places, cities, exotic locations and serene and blonde deserts of Rajasthan.

The tourists are provided with the best of services and with most of the facilities that make their stay there fulfilling. They get to enjoy the various luxuries of life like eating and relishing delicious food items and staying in deluxe coaches. They live each and every moment of their stay in a royal fashion.

Another city which should be visited by tourists is Ajmer. It is also called the sacred and divine city of Rajasthan and is a store house to innumerable number of worthy and heavenly idolized places, each one of them belonging to different religious beliefs, opinions and impressions. The famous Dargah Sharif is also located here. The Dargah Sharif has a lot of historical significance and value attached with it, for the devotees of the present time period and for the Mughal Empire’s Emperor Akbar and his wife in the ancient days. Many white architectural structures are also visible in the shrine and many superior and historically important forts and temples are also seen in and around this area.

Some of the Jain temples are in poor conditions. Ajmer is also house to a famous museum that is called ‘magazine’ that contains a compilation of the Rajput and Mughal sculpture and armoury. The effervescent Daulat Bagh and Anasagar lake are very awesome and apt for sight seeing and enjoying.

Udaipur is the most loveable city of Rajasthan after Jaipur and is visited by scores of people from everywhere. This is one of the pleasing and delectable places where many lakes are situated, where many royal weddings take place and where there are many temples, stalls, palaces and gardens.

The City and the Monsoon palaces located here are the main attractions. The Fateh Sagar Lake and the Jagdish Temple are also one of the must-visits. Jaisalmer and Bikaner are two other cities that should be visited for their famous havelis, forts, deserts, camel race competitions, festivals, shops, hotels, palaces and temples. The camel races and dances and the shiny deserts are things that should not be missed by the tourists. The Baba Bagh and the National Park at Jaisalmer are also worth seeing and enjoying.

Among the historical sights, Rajmahal and Jaisalmer forts should be seen and visited by the tourists at all costs. Jodhpur is a bright city and has the famous Mehrangarh Fort, Phool Mahal, Moti Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal. All these historical monuments have the historical remains of royal costumes, musical instruments, furnitures and palanquins of the ancient times. These things take the tourists back to the ancient days of kingdoms and empires. Another temple called the Osiyan Temple has remarkable and complex sculpture designs and the Jaswant Thada is a gorgeous and shining white marble memorial.

Both these should not be missed by the tourists. Also, one more palace called the Umaid Bhawan Palace is worth visiting and is storehouse to a museum as well as several hotels and gardens. The museum comprises of many kinds of royal musical instruments, textiles, weapons and handicrafts.

Kota is yet another colorful city of Rajasthan that offers a lot of variance and is full of forts, palaces, majestic halls and shining temples. It is a place that has museums, gardens, temples and various other kinds of cultural festivals. The museum has rare compilations of ancient coins and antique written materials.

The Chambal Garden is very popular for owning a pond within its premises that has living crocodiles in it and is apt to serve as a good picnic spot, wherein the tourists can spend quality time with each other. One of the famous hill stations of Rajasthan is Mount Abu, which is quite cold and which is also a nice break from the daily and routine monotonous lives of the tourists. It has some art rooms and museums that contain some great quality architectural designs and sculptures and various bronze molds and hand made drawings. It even contains two famous temples within its area namely the Adhar Devi Temple and the Dilwada Temple.

The Dilwada temple is simply amazing and has awesome stone carvings, architectural and sculpture designs. Some architecture and sculpture specialists even demand that the architectural designs of Dilwada temples are superior than that of the Taj Mahal. Other hot and frequently visited tourist spots and destinations are the Achal Garh Fort and the Nakki Lake that are very lively, breath-taking and stimulating. Thus, Rajasthan India travel is very special and is something that all the tourists remember and should embark on in order to get an overall idea of the beauty and diversity that exists in Rajasthan.


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