Manali Himachal Pradesh – Sightseeing & Things to Do in Manali

Surrounded by lovely snow-capped peaks, the ancient town of Manali lies within the Kullu Valley and is famous all over India as a charming hill station. It is also a nice location for adventure lovers. Enjoying a high altitude of 6250 feet, this lovely hill station of India is known for its beauty highlighted with the surrounding dense pinewoods and high peaks shining with silvery white snow. The splendor of this charming place lies in Beas River that flows through this region.

Manali Hill Station

Manali lies nearly 108 km from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh and serves as the main tourist spot of the state. The town derived its named from Manu – a mythological character and a sage – who said to have recreated life on earth (in Manali) after the whole world was submerged in water. As a result, this place is considered to be a highly sacred place by Hindus.  One can also find a temple dedicated to Manu in Manali.

Manali apart from being a preferred honeymoon town, also acts as a nice location to enjoy adventure sports. Many international tourists during their India trip visit the region to enjoy different adventure sports such as heli skiing, trekking, mountaineering, rafting paragliding and many other adventurous activities. Rohtang Pass makes an interesting excursion from Manali. This high altitude pathway linking Kullu with Lahaul and Spiti offers stunning views of the surrounding glaciers and the landscape.

Tourist Attractions of Manali

Manali will leave you wide-eyed in surprise. From temple ruins to monumental white rabbits, the versant is stuffed with surprises. Visit the Hadimba Temple dedicated to the married person of Bheema’s, one amongst the Pandavas, the legendary heroes in Hindu mythology. Hadimba, Bheema’s married person, is believed to possess meditated here. Threes no idol within the temple to worship, instead simply a footprint assail stone. The temple is amazingly in-built a temple vogue and is a powerful sight. As Hadimba is adored among locals because the guardian god, animal sacrifices square measure still created here from time to time. Animal skeletons may be seen within the temple even nowadays. Take a while to take a seat outside below the tall trees and soak in some solitude. Whereas driving to Manali, threes a generous sprinkling of temples on the Kullu-Manali main road that build it well worth the occasional visit. The Manu Rishi Temple beckons you to prevent and linger. The temple, set in temple design, is devoted to King Manu, World Health Organization is believed to possess been the creator of the mankind. Curiously, Manali was named when Manu. The name comes from the word Manu Alava, virtually which means Home of Manu. The temple is supposed to mark the spot wherever Manu initial arranged foot once he alighted from the boat when extant the nice Flood. The Manali Gompa, although fairly new, is a vital website for Buddhists within the Himachal region. The Gompa homes an outsized Buddha and has spectacular wall paintings.

Nature is associate inevitable a part of Manali. The soaring deodars, sun-kissed landscape and therefore the made fragrance of ripening apples can seduce you in spite of after you visit. And take a look at as you’ll, you cannot facilitate however surrender. Vashisht, a small hamlet alert atop the stream Beas, could be a standard haunt for people who need to dip within the curative hot springs here that square measure one amongst the simplest unbroken secrets within the vale. Currently regulated by the govt., you’ll even strive a Turkish bathtub here within the thick of lush inexperienced. The gushing glacial waters of the Beas square measure therefore stunning that through ancient history, nice saints square measure same to possess meditated on its banks. However a lot of that history is forgotten nowadays with the shrill cries of this World Health Organization square measure enthusiastically with the fun of journey. Froth rafting is probably the foremost sought-after activity among people who visit Manali. The Grade two and three rapids offer simply the twist for the right rafting expedition. Amateurs may take it simple on the slower Grade one rapids at Manikaran. For people who long to fancy each day of tranquillity, the trout-rich waters of the Beas additionally play associate angler’s dream. Villages like Kalath, Katrain and Raison square measure standard spots. If that isn’t too fulfilling, take a canoe and paddle downstream, look the planet around dissolve into a dream.

Refreshing and chill, the vale and therefore the versant promise to treat you in lots of ways that. Descend the slopes of Solang vale during a big zorb ball. Zorbing is catching on like inferno among children World Health Organization visit. Or leap from the mountaintop and paraglide although the skies, sailing to unknown lands the breeze guarantees to require you. Skiing, uncalled-for to mention, remains the highest must-do of each traveller to Manali. Manali has a number of the simplest ski slopes in India and there’s nothing like dashing into a mist-laden world of white near knowing whets to come back. Many prime spots square measure Solang Nalla, Marhi and Rohtang. Beginners needn’t worry. There square measure lots of coaching facilities. 2 alternative distinctive sports found in Manali square measure extreme yak sport and heli-skiing. Would you dare sport with a rope tied to a charging yak on a ski slope? Or ski downhill from a distant cover peak? These very little renowned sports square measure bound to thrill you no end!

Wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists square measure actually in paradise; dense wooded trails, quaint villages, flushed cheeks of the incline natives, and indirect mud ways, all of the planet could be a labyrinth of secrets. Manali’s jagged; cover peaks have long enticed the brave-hearted. Mountain climbing and mountain climbing square measure 2 alternative activities that individuals can’t get enough of. however if you wish to fancy one thing lightweight and simple throughout the day, there square measure lots of nature trails that you just will explore. The Manali mountain climbing Institute organizes plenty of tours for those curious about trekking, high-altitude mountain climbing or mountain climbing. Horse riding and biking square measure alternative ways that to explore the charming, very little city.

When in Manali, merely jilting. The town’s very little peculiarities can leave you endlessly diverted. The rabbits found in Angora Rabbit Farm square measure the scale of very little puppies! These rabbits square measure particularly bred for his or her woolly fur and square measure quite peculiar sight to ascertain. Himalayan Wild Mares and Mountain Goats wandering on the {countryside|country|rural square measure} are equally pleasant. Explore the building Castle within the little village of Naggar, that is believed to be haunted. Sip on a steaming cup of tea, and watch the sun set within the distance or let the winds lull you into peaceful slumber. Manali can allow you to get up, one reality at a time.

Hidimba Temple

Hidimba Temple, Manali

Hidimba Temple, the oldest shrine of the town and located within the dense forest, is the most significant religious site for Hindus in the town. Dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Bhima, the temple consists of a four-story platform. The forest within which the temple is located is known as Dhungri Van Vihar. Woodcarvings of various mythological creatures, ibex horns at the entrance, Shiva’s trishul are the main features of this temple. This is surely a must see place during the Manali tour.

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa

Standing elegantly within the Tibetan area in Manali, this Gompa was constructed in 1960s by the group of refugees from Tibet. The best features of the Gompa are colored frescoes, a statue of Buddha and golden finials at the top. Within the small workshop of the temple are made and sold hand-woven carpets.

Apart from these sites, you can also explore many other interesting places during Manali tour including Mountaineering Institute, Nehru Kund, Temple of Manu, Tibetan Temple, Vashist Village, Arjun Gufa, Jagatsukh temple, Old Manali, Rahalla Falls, Kullu Cultural Museum, and Gulaba Camp.

How to Reach Manali

Manali is well connected to rest of India and is easily accessible. Buses and taxis are available to Manali from Delhi, Chandigarh and other cities of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The nearest airport lies at Bhuntar (nearly 50 km away). Buses and taxis are available from the airport to Manali town. The nearest railway station at Joginder Nagar lies about 94 km from Kullu. Private taxi is the best way to drive to Manali from nearby cities and to enjoy the beauty of Kullu valley during the journey.

Best Time to Visit Manali

Manali is known for its cold climate. The winter period from mid-November to February is usually very harsh in the region. During this period, the temperature drops below the freezing mark. The best months of the year for Manali trip are April to June and then September to mid-October when the weather remains pleasant and temperatures are also within the bearable range.


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