Dehradun Travel Guide – Must See Places in Dehradun

Dehradun is best known as the bustling, busy and hectic capital of Uttarakhand with plenty of remnants from the British era.

Dhradun City at Night

Also known as the Doon valley, many say Dehradun has lost its charm, however the charm is still there it is just a different kind. It changed from a small pleasant town into a sprawling city with many treasures still hidden but available for those who would take a Dehradun tour. It is still very worthwhile stopping here.

Things to Do and See on Dehradun tour

Said to be one of the oldest cities in India it is believed that the lord Rama and his brother did penance here for killing Ravana, the demon king.  It was taken over several times in its history, however the British had the most influence and seemingly the longest lasting influence.  Under the British rule the city became an elite center.  The Brits left behind many institutions in Dehradun including the Huge Forest Research Institute Museum, an Indian Military Academy, The Wildlife Institute of India, and The Survey of India among many more. All these places are popular attractions for tourists on their tour to Dehradun.

South of the city in clement town is a brilliantly vibrant Tibetan Community, worth a visit for its colorful temple and people.  The city boasts a bustling culture of its own and they are fast becoming known for their brilliant schooling.  Children from all over the country are sent here to learn.  What’s more because of the quality of schooling here plus the international remittances Dehradun has seen an overwhelming amount of growth in the last 20 years.  One of the few places in India that enjoys a high amount of income per capita compared to the average of which is around 1000 dollars in value more than the rest of India.  With a four-lane highway the economy here is bound to see another boom.

The city is surprisingly compact and in most cases you will find the best form of travel is on foot although buses, auto rickshaws and shared auto rickshaws are available.  However walking across town take approximately 30 minutes ad is well worth a travel on foot to get the true feel of the city.

Robbers Cave near Dehradun

Dehradun is a center from which to spring off into trekking and adventure tourism, but there is also the usual assortment of stunning temples and religious places to visit. Beautiful and ancient Tapkeshwar Temple, only few kilometers from the center of the city is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Be sure to pay it a visit if your India tour package takes you to Dehradun. Surrounded by the sulphur springs, it is important pilgrimage place, famous by a fair which is organized here. One place that cannot be missed is also Clock Tower.  Built by the British it is still the central focal point of this bustling little town.  Ultimately this city offers a unique experience for many different travelers.

For those who love to go to picnics, Dehradun is just a place. Around the town there a few beautiful locations, like Malsi Deer Park, Dapatthar, which is on the banks of river Yamuna, and Sahastradhara, with its waterfalls and springs famous for their healing powers.

Dehradun is well connected with Rishikesh, Haridwar and Mussoorie who are also popular among tourists, and very often they find their place in India tour packages together with Dehradun.

Pleasant Climate for Tourists

The climate here in Dehradun is amicable not as sweltering as the plains below it or as cold as the mountains above it. It does have cool winters but the summers are not as hot as elsewhere in India.  The city itself is prone to hail storms in the winter however the climate over all is pleasant enough to enjoy.


The Best Time to Travel:
This particular hill station can be visited throughout the year, but the choice can also be made depending on the desired activities. Monsoon season (July to September) may bring about a moderate amount of rain, but it also brings out the green beauty of the area.  October and November have all leaves turning red, and this provides a beautiful scene altogether.  December to February provide a very cool climate, and snowfall happens only at the highest peaks.  Summer months, though somewhat warm, are the best times to visit if hiking trips are part of the tour plan.

The climate is temperate, though summer months may have temperatures as high as 40 deg C. Winters in Dehradun are not known to go below freezing, and the highest temperature during this time would be a cool 20 deg C.

Located in the northern part of India, the capital of the state Uttarakhand, Dehradun sits some 500 meters above sea level.

Things to See and Do:
Being a hill station, Dehradun has a wide array of activities to offer.  Hiking, trekking and rock climbing are obviously on the list of things that can be done here.  It is also surrounded with forest reserves and bird sanctuaries, and these would offer days of excitement for nature lovers.  For the spiritual types, numerous temples surround the city, so a day’s exercise can be capped off with exposure to a new culture.

Population: 578,420 (city)
Language: The languages spoken are varied, and these are English, Hindi, Garhwali and Kumaoni and Sanskrit.


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