Vautha Fair of Vibrant Gujarat

The Vautha fair, also differently referred to as Saptsangam fair, is pompous festival from Gujarat, celebrated each year in the Vautha town of Gujarat, nearly 55kms from Gujarat’s capital city; Gandhinagar. This festival is indeed an interesting medley of color, culture and heritage that can leave all passionate tourists and explorers mesmerized where meets the great rivers of Sabarmati and Vatrak alongside five more rivers making the town the site for the confluence of seven rivers. The state of Gujarat has witnessed great surge in its tourism activities since the state’s Department of Tourism came up with the Vibrant Gujarat campaign under the overall ‘Incredible India’ advertising blitzkrieg.

Gujarat's Vautha Fair
Gujarat’s Vautha Fair

The state has so much to offer to its visitors from the royal palaces to gigantic forts, from the culture and heritage displayed in the colorful fairs like the one at Vautha to the breathtaking beauty of the Rann of Kutch it just can’t cease to amaze you. The Vautha Fair is just another opportunity for you to discover the greatness and authentic charm of Gujarat during winter. The fair takes place annually in the month of November on Kartik Purnima attracting some 500,000+ visitors from all across the country. The fair is a special dedication from the people of the region to Lord Kartikeya who was the first son of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati. He the commander of the army of Devas (Gods) visited this quaint town according to legends and since then the people have been celebrating this fair in honor of Lord Kartikeya.

The fair is not just the confluence of lots of devotees, hues and artists who come here to display their amazing talent but is side by side the largest cattle trading market in the state equivalent to the famous Pushkar Cattle fair. The fair sees the trading of thousands of domesticated animals who are brought to the fair from varying distances to be sold to the highest bidder. The Vautha Fair is a great example of the commerce and lifestyle of the ancient nomadic tribes of the region who have inhibited this part of the country for millennia.

One of the best ways of discovering Gujarat and Vautha fair this season is through Homestays and holiday homes in Gujarat which have been promoted by Gujarat Tourism to bring the foreigners in touch with the real culture of Gujarat and provide you with a more holistic experience of vacationing in Gujarat. There are various homestays in Gujarat which you can consider for your travels to Gujarat this winter season.


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