When Time Stands Still the Garba

India is a land of dance and music. Stretching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the land has so much to showcase in the area of art and culture. While travelling across the state, you would certainly pick up a lot of Indian culture and habits. As you seam along the state lines, each state would have something different for you to store in your treasure chest of memories.

Garba Dance
Garba Dance

Such is the feel and vibrancy here that you would instantly want to join the energy that is seen in the cultural events. While in Gujarat in India, make sure you reach there during the Navratri time. During these nine days you would see a kaleidoscope of color, energy and enthusiasm. Garba is one such stark display of tradition, culture and sequence in true Indian style. Taking its name from the Sanskrit term Garbha, which means the womb, the dance is performed keeping a lamp lit in the centre. It is a small lamp made of earthenware and there are statues of Indian goddess Shakti. The figures that are seen during this dance are also similar to the figures in Sufi culture. The Indian Goddess Shakti also called Amba is worshipped during all the nine days of Navratri.

A dance which was originally performed by men earlier, today it is a much publicized event in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra. Men and women wear the grandest of costumes all colorful and replete with a splash of festive mood. The women wear a long skirt called the ghagra and a small blouse called the choli. They have a heavily decorated dupatta or stole which is worn in true Gujarati style. The entire ensemble is grandly decorated with beads, stones, embroidery work and lot of heavy works. The men wear a white pant called the pajama and a short kurta or shirt which comes above the knees. There is a head gear and the stole is tied by the men on the waist. The plant is one which has lot of pleats.

The Indian youth take part in great numbers in Garba and the Dandiya Raas is another cultural dance which is very famous not only in India but all across the world. In fact, in the United States more than 15 Universities have competitions for Garba which is a hit amongst the foreign students too.

The Garba is a dance symbolizing time in Hindu tradition the revolving motion of the dancers signifying the cyclical motion of time and also the cycle of birth, life, death and again rebirth with Goddess Shakti representing power as the only constant. Thus aiming to increase the devotion for the Supreme and to worship the feminine form of power, Garba shows how time flows with power as constant in the ever changing world.

The lamp signifies the energy that we have within us and the Garba helps us to understand this.

Thus with varied culture and unique traditions, the Indian Garba comes across as a must experience in an Indian tour.


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