Indian Festive Fiesta Begins this Navratri

With the onset of Navratri, a nine night festival, India is ready to welcome the celebratory festive season. Dedicated to Mother Goddess, the season marks the worship of Adishakti and her nine divine forms in a grand way.

Navratri in Gujarat
Navratri in Gujarat

Devotees make this period special and blissful by visiting Shrines like Vaishno Devi, and other Shakti Peethas to seek the blessings of Goddess. They fast and abstain themselves from any impure thought. And many of them celebrate this extravaganza by being a part of Durga Pooja Pandals and Dandiya Raas.

Towards the east of India, these nine nights are famously celebrated as Durga Pooja. This yearly festival is best celebrated in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The city is dotted with innumerable pandals showcasing the grand idols of Durga. Throughout the nine days, the long and fascinating worship featuring mantras and shlokas in the glory of goddess. Devotees hop through intricately decorated pandals and cherish the splendour of the festival. Mouthwatering sweets and delicacies also add an attraction to the festival.

The occasion commemorates victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura. According to the legend, the demon was killed by the goddess after nine days of continuous war on Vijay Dashami. To celebrate this victory, married women play with vermillion for the long life of their husbands. And this week long festival comes to an end with the immersion of Goddess Durga idol.

Gujarat celebrates the festival with the longest running dancing extravaganza in the world with Dandiya Raas. Each night, devotees dress in traditional Gujarati attire and gather in open spaces to celebrate feminine divinity epitomized by Goddess. Women perform Garba, while worshipping earthen pot called Garbha Deep, symbolizing the feminine form of divinity.

In the next edition, we will be updating you more about Dussehra, the festival followed by Navratri.

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