Salty Desert Land of Rann of Kutch Welcomes you to the Festival

Department of Tourism, government of Gujarat organizes Rann Utsav annually to promote tourism of Gujarat. There is no place fixed for this cultural extravaganza, it is held in various parts of Rann of Kutch which commences from 15th December and lasted till 31st January and the venue is vast stretch of Kutch. The focus point of the festival is to highlight the cultural and natural diversity of the land.

Beautiful Sunset at Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
Beautiful Sunset at Rann of Kutch, Gujarat [source]
This festival has become the medium of showcasing the rainbow of art, culture, heritage and achievements of state in vivid filed. In the various venues for the entertainment of spectator’s folk dance and music shows are organized. Besides, pageantry and carnival processions are also arranged for the entertainment of visitors. The added spice of local people’s heartwarming hospitality, colorful attire and pleasant interaction further intensify the mood of festival.

Rann of Kutch is located in the great Indian Thar Desert. It’s a seasonal salt marsh and reputed as world’s largest salt desert. Kutchi people are the original inhabitant of this area. It forms the international boundary of India and Pakistan. This salty lowland which is entirely inhospitable projects completely different phenomena of strange dancing lights during night, locally know as Chir Batti. At Rann of Kutch enjoy this unique and unexplainable phantasm under the shade of full moon with folk dance and music. Here experience the camping, tent living and evening bonfires. Gaze at craftsmanship of artisans and explore the vast horizon of Kutch by camel safari. During the entire period of festival NGOs and local artists sell various stuffs which are classy and worth buying.

Excursions of Rann of Kutch would lead you to beautiful beaches, majestic palaces of Mandvi, Bhuj’s cenotaphs, a museum and Banni’s craft villages. Guests are provided tented cottages with all basic facilities for comfortable stay.


By Air: Catch a flight to nearest Bhuj airport.

By Rail: Nearest is Bhuj Railway Station.

By Road: Buses leave frequently from Ahmedabad to this place.

“Welcome to the Rann Utsav in Kutch of world famous city Gujarat”


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