Kerala Adventure Tourism – Adventure Activities To Do in Kerala

For those who want to plunge boldly into the thick of life and shake up their mundane lives a bit adventure tour is the answer. Though known for its serene beauty, Kerala has many adrenaline pumping tour spots. Those gearing up for action, adventure and fun should not miss the excitingly daring spots which the state has in store.

Trekking and Camping

Trekking in Kerala
Trekking in Kerala

A wild and grilling trek through unknown woods guided by excellent tour directors and a sight of the big cats (Tigers) and also a camp in a tiger reserve, right under the star studded sky. Whew! This trek to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and intricate mountain roads of Munnar is not meant for the lily livered, but for the brave at heart. The trek called the tiger trail makes one sweat the heat out while moving discreetly in search of the big cats across the 777 sq km area of the reserve. One can trek for as long as three days covering 20 to 30 km per day in the area and camp at different wild spots under the care and protection of tour experts. The place is located in Idukki district and can be reached on road.

Water Sports

Water Sports in kerala
Water Sports in kerala

Being the land of water bodies especially those waterfalls, lakes, sea and lagoons there is indeed plenty of scope for adventures in water. Starting with the most subdued catamaran sailing, to the more wild wind surfing, canoeing, scuba diving and snorkelling, kayaking and parasailing the state can provide those hunting for thrill with anything.

At Varkala beach and Kovalam beach one could go underwater with the scuba and get amazed by the underwater life. To know the thrill of canoeing and catamaran sailing one could stick to the backwaters of Alapuzha or Kochi. And for those thrilled by rapids, Bhoothathankettu, along side of Periyar River should not be missed.

Rainforest Hike and Bird tour

Bird Watchiing in Kerala
Bird Watchiing in Kerala

What could be more interesting that a steep climb up the most amazingly rich rainforests in Kerala, the Silent Valley in Palakkad district? Blessed with an evolutionary history of over 50 years with long grown trees, bushy ground and dark and damp surroundings, Silent valley rain forest is the perfect place for those who want to cut themselves loose into the wild open.

While the place has various guided tours which draw your attention to the rich wildlife in the area one might also go on a lone hike with proper permission from the forest department. The valley is the nesting place for many rare varieties of birds which are mostly migratory and hence is an ideal bird watching location. For those interested in life sciences the place has much in store as specimens of life from the Jurassic era was found from the valley. So guess what? One might even become a discoverer in this uncontaminated heaven on earth.


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